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Millwall vs. Hull – Come ON Millwall!Play for longer than 70 mins

Well done to Lee and Aiden.  Bad luck Steve.  But as a team we still seem to be playing 70 mins and the last 20 we become as full of holes as Emmental cheese.  This makes a lovely fondue but not a great scoreline.

Championship 9-dec-2018

Millwall vs. Forrest – Blackout didn’t help but effort did

Even with a 10 minute blackout to put the home team out of kilter we didn’t win.  The share of the points was due to late effort and alertness which is where we have been failing for the last few games so this is a super step in the right direction.

Forest went ahead after 27 mins and further ahead 2 mins after the lights came back on.  Shaun Williams headed one back and Lee Gregory saved us with 91st minute tap in.  All this with Morrison being rested on the bench and Jed Wallace who is on a match ban for 5 yellow cards I think.

We’re still in the drop zone though ☹️

Screenshot 2018 10 04 at 13 20

The Millwall need a boost against Forest

Still not going very well, third from bottom only because of a less miserable goal difference.  Playing Forest at The City Ground this evening.  Come on you Lions!

Screenshot 2018 10 03 at 07 52

Nemo nos amo sed morarmur nihil

Well this is not going very well

We’ve lost four of the last five and drawn one.  In the relegation zone even though I get the sense from watching the games that have been on tele and reviewing social media the team are working well together.  Are we just suffering a run of bad luck?

Screenshot 2018 09 27 at 08 17

Answers on a postcard (can you still buy postcards?)

Who’s at the World Cup from The Millwall?

James Meredith

James Meredith

As I mentioned Harry Kane is captaining En-ger-land.  Tim Cahill is playing for the Socceroos and so is James Meredith.

Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill

So, who else from the Championship has two current and one ex-player at the World Cup?

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

Nemo nos amo, sed morarmur nihil

Harry Kane at The Millwall in 2012

On 29 December 2011, Kane and Tottenham teammate Ryan Mason agreed to join Championship club Millwall on loan from 1 January 2012 until the end of the season.

After making his debut against Bristol Rovers, manager Kenny Jackett said that he had “very good debut” but was “unlucky not to score”. He also said that Kane would “be a good addition” for the club in the second half of the season.

This prediction became true as he scored seven goals in the final 14 matches of the season. Kane scored nine goals in 27 matches which resulted in him being named Millwall’s Young Player of the Year for 2011–12. His run of goals scored towards the end of the season has been credited with helping to raise Millwall in the table away from the threat of relegation that season.


Kane quote: “People were playing for their livelihoods. I’ll never forget the relief on everyone’s face   when we stayed up.

“It showed me how much the game could mean and that you have to do your job otherwise you won’t be in the game for long.

“To be thrown into that at 18 was really good and it’s one of the things that made me who I am today.”

Nemo nos amo, sed morarmur nihil

🌳🦅Arboreal ornithomancy prediction🌲🕊

Three bad and two good predictions for The Millwall

Will Millwall beat Middlesbrough? – A finch flying from West and a Robin singing from West in a yew tree. With a Kite flying high from the South and calling. Indicates an agricultural game the visitors have a poor defence and Middlesbrough’s tactics work well.  The Wall lose.

Will Aston Villa beat Derby County? – A Robin singing from the East in the silk tassel tree. And a Kite calling from the North predicts that Derby County will have a good and vigorous game and Villa’s poor strategy allows an away win.  Bad for The Wall.

Will Brentford lose to Barnsley? – A Robin singing in the East in the silk tassel tree. Vulgar Pigeon flying overhead from the bad West. Indicates the visitors will play vigorously and the home team will get a few yellow cards and possibly a player sent off. Away win. Bad for The Wall

Will Preston Draw with Sheffield united? – A Pigeon cooing from the East in a cedar tree and a Robin singing in a yew tree to the West.  Predicts Preston will show strong defence while Sheffield  will play a spirited but clumsy game.  A draw.  This is good.

Will Bristol City lose to Nottingham forest? – Pigeon cooing from the East in a cedar tree. And a Robin singing in a Yew tree in the West. Indicates Bristol will defend well and the visitors defence will let them down. Home win.  This is also good.

Nemo nos amo, sed morarmur nihil.

🤞🦁Arboreal ornithomancy🦁🤞

Today we are travelling up to Middlesborough FTW.

We also need Aston Villa to beat Derby County, Brentford to lose to Barnsley, Preston to draw with Sheffield United and Bristol City to lose to Forest.

Championship 28-Apr-2018

Easy peasy…  Going out into the garden now to see how arboreal ornithomancy predicts these matches going.

Non vult nos unum sumus, non curamus.

🤞🦁Still clinging to playoff place🦁🤞

On the edge of my seat yesterday watching this unlikely string of results coming in.

  1. Derby losing to Middlesbrough ✔
  2. Not happy about Brentford beating QPR ❌
  3. Preston drew with Norwich ✔
  4. Bristol City drew with Hull in an extraordinary 5-5 final score. ✔

After being out-played by Fulham in the second half on Friday evening, the Wall are still in 6th with tough games against Middlesbrough and Aston Villa coming up.

Championship 22-Apr-2018_LI

Nemo nos amo, sed morarmur nihil.