Kickball Cuisine

I don’t know much about kickball to the shame of my wife Sheils, who is a Norwich Supporter and follows the tables and knows about the stats and remembers the players names and such like.

In an attempt to keep up with the conversation Sheils has with the blokes down the pub I have tried to use synaesthesia to learn a bit about kickball. How you ask? Well I have written these recipes for each of the teams in the Premiership. I have named the dishes after some important facts, players, managers and grounds of the team in question. Perhaps, this will make the names of the kickballers and their stadia stick in my memory a little better.

I have atempted to make the recipes easily approachable by kickball fans. The intention is to facilitate the preparation of food for kickball widows who sit at home waiting the return of their loved ones after a day at the game. A return not always associated with delight I understand.

The recipes are arranged into the following sections

Home kit – what you need to cook it.
Away kit – What you need to serve it.
First half – How you prepare it.
Second half – How you cook it.

There, easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.